May 17, 2021

KINONA Releases "She Drives" Video Series Focusing On Women's Empowerment In Golf

Women-led, women-inspired golf apparel brand highlights real conversations with female golfers

Seattle, WA – May 18, 2021 – Today, KINONA, the premier creator of fashionable and functional golf apparel made by women, for women, announced the release of their new video series titled, "She Drives: Women Golfers Take the Lead." The four-part video series is intended to give women new to golf a glimpse of the reality, personality, and fun of the game, and to further empower and celebrate women in the sport. It includes real conversations with women golfers sharing stories about who inspired them to play, lessons learned, and issues women still face in the sport, along with tips on how they handle those situations. The series launches in time to celebrate Women's Golf Day on June 1.

A mix of powerful voices can be heard throughout the series, from pros to everyday golfers, providing contemporary perspectives from women within the golfing community. Videos are:

-Who Inspired You to Play? (link here): KINONA's community of women golfers share who inspired them to get out and golf.
-Get to Know Haley Moore (link here): KINONA's brand ambassador and LPGA rising star, Haley Moore shares details on her story, her partnership with KINONA, and advice for those interested in the sport.
-What's Really in Your Golf Bag? (link here): View fun clips, including ones from LPGA legend, Patty Sheehan, and other incredible golfers as they reveal the unique things they have in their golf bags other than the usual golf balls and tees.
-The Cringey Topic of Unsolicited Advice (link here): Real women golfers share their stories and how they handle unsolicited advice on the golf course.

"We were proud to be able to get real with a number of women golfers about the good, the funny, and the areas in need of improvement in the game of golf," said Tami Fujii, Co-Founder of KINONA. "Beyond providing clothes women love to wear, at our core is a desire to empower more women to play, and to encourage the sport to further evolve."

The recent KINONA Women in Golf Equality Index revealed that 82% of women do not consider golf a man's sport. And considering that golf is a lifelong sport that encourages outdoor health and wellness, there should be no barriers, regardless of demographic. Still though, the survey also revealed that 72% of men admitted that women are more likely to receive unsolicited advice on the course than men, and a nearly identical 71% of women believed the same, so there is definitely room for improvement. The survey also found that more than 50% of respondents agree that there is still some level of discrimination based on gender on the course.

"No matter age, sex, or race, golf is a uniquely accessible sport," said LPGA Hall of Fame golfer and KINONA board member, Patty Sheehan. "I am excited to see more women falling in love with the game and watching the sport evolve."

Over the last year of social distancing, more people have tried the safe and healthy activity, and there is no reason for this growth to stop, considering that 54% of female golfers say they like the sport because it is a social activity that allows them to be with friends and family.

Since its founding in 2017, KINONA has been on a mission to empower women to dress on their own terms and is committed to being a voice for breaking down barriers facing women in golf. KINONA also partners with LPGA Girls Golf to encourage more girls and women to love the sport. For more information and to check out their latest collections, go to The video series is also available to view on KINONA's YouTube channel.

KINONA is made by women golfers, for women golfers. Founded in 2017 by friends and corporate executives-turned-entrepreneurs, Dianne Celuch and Tami Fujii, KINONA is committed to making golf more accessible and fun for all women by bringing chic, contemporary, and functional fashion to the fairway. KINONA's fun, course-tested styles made with Italian fabrics, sun protection, and signature features like tee holders and back pockets, shift the paradigm of "appropriate golf attire" and inspire women to play their game, their way.

Be part of the wave of change in women's sports with category-redefining apparel from KINONA. Visit for more information.

Survey Methodology
KINONA Women in Golf Equality Index findings are sourced from an online Xcelerant survey conducted by Directions Research in March of 2021 and commissioned by KINONA. The survey was conducted March 8-9, 2021 and distributed to a sample of 1,040 U.S. adults 18 years of age and older, with a 95% confidence level.